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Since its formation in 1968, Ethox Chemicals has served the industry with quality products and service. The concept of specialized service to each customer has proven successful over the years, and that is what Ethox strives to maintain.

As well as providing custom and toll manufacturing services, Ethox provides a broad range of surface-modifying products employing a wide range of chemistries including alkoxylation, esterification, phosphation, sulfation, and custom synthesis.

Ethox Chemicals is a privately held company with about 155 employees. It is part of the Syntha Group family of companies. We are located on a 45-acre site in Greenville, South Carolina. This location lends us strategic advantages including railroad access and close proximity to Interstate 85. Read more

Monthly Highlight

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Ethox Chemicals Introduces All-Natural, Vegetable-Derived EthoClean™

EthoCleanTM is an all-natural, vegetable-derived multi-purpose cleanser that safely removes soils and stains without hazardous solvents. The patents-pending composition is water-based and biodegradable–making it an environmentally safe alternative for traditional cleansers. EthoCleanTM ingredients are listed on the Safer Choice Safer Chemical Ingredients List (SCIL), TSCA, and DSL.

Upcoming Conferences/Tradeshows

December 1, 2022

in-cosmetics global

March 28-30, 2023Barcelona, SpainSTAND Z50
March 15, 2023

CPDA Adjuvants, Inerts, and Crop Protection Conference

May 1-3, 2023Louisville, KY
March 16, 2023

Suppliers’ Day 2023

May 2-3, 2023Jacob K. Javits Convention CenterNew York CityBooth # 1561 https://nyscc.org/suppliers-day/

Markets & Industries

Agricultural Chemicals
With an ever-increasing global population, it has become more important than ever to maximize efficiency in growing crops. Ethox products are designed to boost productivity and maximize yields while being safe for the environment. We meet modern formulation necessities with high-grade solutions, aiding in the stability and biological performance of crop protection, green solvent, seed treatment, and fertilizer products. We have a large line of inert adjuvants that enhance the properties of a spray or pesticide.Read more
Coating Additives
Although used in very small quantities, additives can have a huge impact on coating and ink performance and application properties. Used in the right order, at the right time, and at the right levels, additives can help improve the appearance and durability of a coating, the flow of paints and inks, the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and even the sustainability of formulations. Read more
Metal Working Fluids
As in many our other fields of specialization, Ethox products can be used in either very particular or broad aspects of metalworking, depending on the chemical. One our most requested functions is lubrication, and we have numerous products that we can help pick for your specific application. Read more
Mining, Ore Floatation
Ethox supports a wide range of technologies designed specifically for the mining industry including activators, collectors, depressants, modifiers, frothers, and degreasers, many of which are effective over a broad range of flotation conditions and ore types. Read more
Oil & Gas Production
Ethox has unique oil field industry experience producing customized, affordable solutions by collaborating with clients to meet their specific requirements. Our production process involves working up small batches based on customer feedback of how effectively the product performs, followed by large batches in our reactors once the best formulation has cooperatively been established. Read more
Paper Processing
The paper processing industry requires very particular qualities for the different types of products produced, and Ethox is advantageously positioned to be able to provide a high degree of quality and specificity to the chemicals we offer at any stage. Read more
Personal Care
If you want to differentiate yourself in the personal care industry, you must supply a product that offers innovation and consistent performance. Through our years of experience in the field and a deep understanding of an ingredient’s possible uses, we guarantee added value to your application. Protection, performance, and safety are hallmarks of our personal care products which are manufactured and quality checked to the highest standards. Read more
Specialty Surfactants
Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension (or interfacial tension) between liquid to liquid, liquid to gas, and liquid to solid interfaces. Surfactants may act as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, dispersants, and more. Read more
Textile Auxiliaries
The manufacturing process within the textile industry is long and has many chemical treatments. The procedure includes the pretreatment, dyeing, printing, and refinement of fabrics. Pretreatment chemicals include a host of different surfactants with many designed for specific uses. Read more
Chemical admixtures are the ingredients in concrete other than portland cement, water, and aggregate that are added to the mix immediately before or during mixing. Producers use admixtures primarily to reduce the cost of concrete construction; to modify the properties of hardened concrete; to ensure the quality of concrete during mixing, transporting, placing, and curing; and to overcome certain emergencies during concrete operations. Read more


  • CPDA organizes a DC Fly-In in March to meet with members of Congress, the EPA and USDA

    Ethox Chemicals is excited to be an active member of CPDA, The Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology.  CPDA plays a crucial role in advocating for member companies and growers at the regulatory level with EPA, USDA and individual states as well as working with elected officials on Capitol Hill.   As part of that involvement, CPDA organized a DC Fly-In March 6-8, 2023 for CPDA members to meet with members of Congress, the EPA and USDA.  

  • Ethox Chemicals, LLC Receives EcoVadis Bronze Medal

    At Ethox, we take great pride in helping our customers reach their business goals with our leading products and services for the specialty chemicals industry. We hold ourselves to the highest standards across everything we do, which is why we’re thrilled to have received an EcoVadis Bronze Medal for our sustainability efforts.

    Here’s a closer look at this invaluable stamp of approval, why it matters, and what it means for Ethox—and for our valued customers.

  • New UV Synergist for Improved Photoinitiator Efficiency

    Last week we announced our new product SynerPI™, a synergist for photoinitiators. SynerPI™ optimizes current photo-initiator chemistry with powerful results. In case you missed it, click here to read last week’s blog detailing this new product for the Photoinitiator Markets.