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Over the years, Ethox Chemicals, LLC has assembled a world class group of professionals dedicated to the Agrotechnology business.  This group has been fortunate to build upon and capitalize from the success and solid business plan of Ethox Chemicals since its inception in 1968.  With an unwavering commitment from Ethox Leadership and the Wilson family along with  many years of experience from the  Ethox Agrotechnology Team, we are poised for significant growth in the coming decades.  We look forward to working with our clients on projects that help drive a sustainable future for the agrochemical business for generations.

Active Ingredient Formulations

  • Experienced formulation teams working across two labs developing many different formulation types
    • Foliar and seed treatment products based on herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and biostimulants (SL, EC, ME, SC, SE, EW’s, OD’s)
  • Access to necessary inert materials for novel or generic formulation prototypes
  • Characterize physical/chemical properties, prepare samples for Regulatory or other testing, and provide technical reports/scale-up support for hand-off to manufacturing
  • Over 50 different active ingredients formulated
  • 45 developed as foliar/soil applied
  • 10 developed as seed treatments
  • Multiple premix combinations developed for both seed treatment and foliar applied products