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Oil & Gas Production

Ethox has unique oil field industry experience producing customized, affordable solutions by collaborating with clients to meet their specific requirements. Our production process involves working up small batches based on customer feedback of how effectively the product performs, followed by large batches in our reactors once the best formulation has cooperatively been established. We offer hands-on experience in hydraulic fracturing, drilling, and production. Many of the chemicals we make are useful across a wide field of situations, including high pressure and high temperature environments. Benefits of using our products are an extended lifetime for machinery and equipment, an optimized production efficiency, and safer usage of resources. Because of the specialized nature of the products we produce, we are confident in our ability to address both very particular problems as well as apply our solutions to broader applications. Regardless of your specific issue, we will be able to upgrade and enhance your processes.

Oil Gellants

Specialty Surfactants

Product Name Chemical DescriptionView
ETHOX 2483 Ethoxylated propoxylated alcohols, Specialty and Miscellaneous Surfactants, Nonionic View

Flow Back Aids

Clay Stabilizers

Scale Control Agents


Invert Emulsifiers


Acid Gelling Agents

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