RX Series Alkyd Emulsifiers


RX Series Alkyd Emulsifiers

A major goal of all formulators of waterborne coatings is to reduce the loading of surfactant in the formulation since the surfactant can impair the physical properties of the final product. The formulator looks for the most efficient surfactant for the application or tests combinations of surfactants to increase efficacy of the surfactant package and thus reduce surfactant loading. In emulsion polymerization applications reactive surfactants are used to effectively reduce the negative effect of the surfactant by reacting the surfactant onto the latex polymer.

Ethox Chemicals’ E-Sperse® RX series products are new products made from novel technology. This new technology has two beneficial attributes that are optimized for manufacturing alkyd emulsions or dispersions. The Ethox E-Sperse® RX series are made with specific physical properties for waterborne alkyd applications. The chemical structure, HLB, and molecular weight have been optimized for alkyd emulsification and alkyd dispersion. Often the emulsions may be formed by an inversion method that does not require high shear mixing.


E-Sperse® RX-series emulsifiers make very stable, high solids waterborne emulsions of existing solvent-based alkyds. This allows highly water repellent alkyds to be formulated into water rather than having to chemically modify them to increase their affinity for water and thereby reduce their repellency. UPDATE: The newest members of this series are reactive emulsifiers containing functional groups able to co-cure with the alkyd during drying. This enables the preparation of high performing, very water-resistant coatings demonstrating excellent adhesion. Sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest updates.

ProductIonic form
E-Sperse® RX 201Nonionic, Reactive
E-Sperse® RX 202Anionic, Reactive, sulfate, NH4 salt
E-Sperse® RX 203Anionic, phosphate, NH4 salt

New chemistry for reactive emulsifiers

Research and Development is ongoing.


Advantages of waterborne alkyd coatings made with either the regular RX or the newer reactive series emulsifiers:

  • More solvent-borne properties from a waterborne system
  • Use your standard alkyd resin
  • RX products do not add to VOC and are APE-free
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability due to a tight micelle structure - steric stabilized
  • Can be used in Direct Emulsification or Inverse Emulsion procedures
  • The emulsifier can act as a coalescing aid, thereby reducing your CA level
  • Help to comply with 2010 RXA and European regulations
  • Often a lower surfactant usage rate compared to competitive surfactants

Advantages of waterborne alkyd coatings made with the Reactive RX emulsifiers:

  • Better water resistance and repellency of the film
  • A harder film
  • Better substrate adhesion and interfacial adhesion